How we save you time & money.

At incorporate.ME, we help ideas become actual businesses. If you’re ready to start a business and incorporate, you're moving down this road at speeds that might feel out of control. You’re struggling to sleep and you have notepads of scribbled out business plans and ideas. We take the mystery out of the actual process of starting a business. It’s really not as complicated and overwhelming as it may seem. But no matter how easy we make it for you, it’s foreign to you. We get this. There’s no need to slow you down when you can focus on the important stuff like: Opening Your Operation, Collecting Money, Getting Customers, and Making a Product to Sell.


Bank Approved

So anyone can download a form on a state government website and file it with the state. You could do this yourself or pay any incorporation service to file the easy stuff, and give you filed articles with a 20 step checklist of what’s next. This WON’T be what you need to open up a bank account. When we give you your final paperwork, you’ll be able to print it out, take it to the bank, and open up your new bank account for your business.

We’re fast

From same day to just a couple days depending on your state, no one is faster. Anyone can file your articles in a couple days, but we have relationships with the state agencies to actually get your completed documents back and we process your internal paperwork you’ll need to actually be able to open a bank account. Showing your company filed with the state is just the beginning. You’ll have a final set of paperwork that you’ll be able to take to the bank.

For $125 incorporate.ME will check your preferred business name availability, form your company for you, get your EIN number, and provide you with all the corporate paperwork you’ll need to open a business bank account and more importantly, your dream business.

We know what you’re about to get into. We’re entrepreneurs too! If you got the bug, you got it. The itch won’t go away. Don’t worry. If you suck this time, you’ll try again. No amount of sketches, notes, and distractions will stop you from trying. Our goal at incorporate.ME is to get you focused on the stuff that will actually take your idea into a viable business.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long will it take?

We can form your Colorado LLC or Corporation same day. Many other states offer this type of speed as well. On the signup form you can see exactly how fast each state is. If there’s an expedite option with the state, you can elect to pay the higher state filing fees to get your new company done faster.

Many websites will show you roughly the same times. Because we’re a registered agent service, we get your filings back quicker than other websites will, AND we provide you with all the internal paperwork you’ll need to open a bank account. So while you might find roughly the same processing times across a lot of websites, where we are faster is on the wrap up documentation AFTER the state stamps your documents.

Check out our incorporation and foreign registration signup forms to see estimated state processing times and expedite fees. We are constantly updating them.

Will I be able to open a bank account?

Yes. Incorporating yourself will just frustrate you when you go to a bank. They’ll want more internal paperwork and you’ll leave the bank scratching your head. Incorporation services providing CD’s and to-do lists will only create another 5-10 hours of work for you when they did the easiest part! When we’re done, you’ll have your corporate resolutions you need documenting your ability to open a bank account and you’ll have all the corporate paperwork the bank will request. If the banker doesn’t like what you give them, they are idiots and you should go to a different bank.

Which state should I incorporate in?

You should incorporate in your home state. If you’re a small business, the odds are very unlikely that you’ll have enough revenue and profits to need to play the game Apple and Google do with trying to keep your money out of the US. You’re going to pay taxes where you live and operate, so any websites telling you that you can incorporate in Nevada, incorporate in Delaware, or incorporate in Wyoming and save taxes are just selling you a bunch of boloney that won’t help you out. NOW, if you really really think you’re going to take on investors or sell your company soon, you might be better served incorporating in Delaware, Wyoming, or Nevada simply because venture capitalists like it. Other than that, if you’re on this website, you really probably should just incorporate in your home state where you reside.

What will I get back from you?

LLC: filed articles of organization, initial resolutions, LLC operating agreement, federal EIN number, and a registered agent account.

Corporation: filed articles of incorporation, initial resolutions, corporate bylaws, federal EIN number, and a registered agent account.

Basically the legal paperwork you need to take to a bank to open your new business bank account and the paperwork anyone else will request in your course of doing business.

Should I consider registering a trade name (DBA) for my company?

Lots of companies operate under a trade name (DBA) because it allows for franchising and branding opportunities. If you’re interested in registering a trade name, select our Trade Name Service inside your account after signing up for our business formation service. We will register your company’s trade name for $125 plus state fees.

Should I do an LLC or Corporation?

Most people should just do an LLC. It’s simpler. An S corporation is simply an election with the IRS to be taxed personally. LLCs can elect to be taxed as an S corporation.

How do I succeed?

You outwork your competition. You give up your life and make a decision to succeed. It’s not really any more complicated than that. Good luck!

Still have questions, get back to us!