About incorporate.ME

incorporate.ME was part of the Premium Partnership Program the .ME domain name extension registry held back from general use, because the .ME registry itself realized the potential of a few awesome names. The .ME registry found a perfect partner to run the new website and provide a great service in Northwest Registered Agent LLC. Northwest Registered Agent purchased the premium domain name direct from the .ME registry and has partnered with the registry to help promote the .ME brand.

The two companies believe .ME is a more personal domain ending and more start up friendly. Why not have something on the end of an address someone types into a browser that is relevant and personal? Northwest Registered Agent loved the idea of incorporate.ME Starting your business is SO personal. You’re literally giving up your personal life, putting your family and religion a distant number 2 to your new business. Yes that’s not how it is supposed to be, but the reality is it will be this way.

With incorporate.ME we are hoping to actually make a legal process of starting your business easier and more personal for you so that you can quickly and easily keep going with your planning and execution of your new business. Although incorporate.ME is new… The people behind it aren’t. We help service many of the top incorporation services in the business. We actually work in each of the 50 states and DC. We know incorporating, starting a business, and maintaining a business like no one else. So our goal with incorporate.ME is to take all this knowledge into something simple and easy for you to understand and hopefully help you get your business off the ground sooner.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We hope you’ll now decide to let us help you out.